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2001 Disneyana Convention

The Disneyana Conventions are a great place to meet up with other collectors, enjoy exclusive theme parties, and experience the Disney workshops and seminars. But it is not always possible to attend each and every convention.

A main aspect of the convention is the limited edition pieces made exclusive for the 2001 Disneyana Convention, September 4th to 8th. Unfortunately, not one of those pieces involves $crooge. So if there is a piece that YOU would be interested in I would be happy to make every effort to obtain it for you.

For a 20% fee I would be happy to obtain one or more of these exclusive pieces for you. Please contact me by email if you would be interested.

There are many exciting pieces being offered at this year’s convention...

Tom Sawyer's Island, Giuseppe Armani "Cruella de Vil" Figurine, Marion Huschka/Goebel "Headed Home" Figurine, Ron Lee "All Aboard" Figurine, Don Williams "Donald's Family Picnic" Lithograph, and the sculpture "Monstro's Revenge" from Walt Disney's Classic "Pinocchio," just to name a few.

"Cruella de Vil" marks the first villain by Armani.

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