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$crooge McDuck Items for Sale - Carl Barks Lithographs, Bronze Figures, and other memorabilia
Uncle Scrooge McDuck items I am searching for
Carl Barks - The Good Duck Artist
All about Uncle $crooge McDuck as drawn by Carl Barks, Don Rosa, and William VanHorn
My Uncle Scrooge McDuck Collection
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Carl Barks
Great information about Carl and his works

Carl Barks
Biography of Carl Barks

Carl Barks - His Work and His Life
Regularly updated with information related to Carl

Grimble Gromble’s Carl Barks Page
Check out the class comics moments page

Carl Barks the Great Duckman
Complete with links to the characters Carl created

A Guidebook to the Carl Barks Universe
Great Interviews

Zetman's Comicpage - Carl Barks
Detailed Biography of Carl

The $crooge McDuck Homepage
The Time and Life of Scrooge McDuck, complete with sketches

Who's Who in Duckburg - Scrooge McDuck
Scrooge's Biography

D.U.C.K.hunt - Don Rosa fan pages
Extensive site dedicated to Don Rosa

Very original Duck page

Derek's Disney Ducks Links
Devoted to Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck, and other Disney Ducks

$crooge McDuck
Info on the richest duck himself

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